Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Be warned... Long and detailed post!

Madeline Celeste Nixon

June 10, 2011 6 lbs 6 oz 20 inches long

Can't have a baby without telling her story, and I worry that if I don't get it out soon, I'll start to forget bits and pieces.
DISCLAIMER: This is a story about BIRTH, so if you have a weak stomach or are a guy, you probably will want to shut this browser immediately. Or just scroll through the pics and leave a comment at the bottom about how cute and adorable my baby is. Choice is up to you, but ye have been WARNED!!!
Probably best to start a few weeks back, when I go in for my weekly checkups. As with my previous pregnancy, I was having "episodes" mainly at night where I'd have random contractions. A few times they would get six minutes apart but then stop after an hour to three hours. At 36 weeks prego, I went in and was dilated to a 1-2cm. At 37 weeks, a 2-3cm. At 38, a 3-4cm, and I had Dr. Leavitt strip my membranes which is so painful when he does it. And when he strips me it is usually real quick. Partly, because he hurts so bad that I find myself fighting him the whole time I'm sure. And at 39weeks, I was still a 4cm, but at this visit I saw Scott the P.A. I did this on purpose. The day I had Bryony, I had to see Scott, and he stripped my membranes and I went into labor that day. There is a huge difference in the two guys, not sure what exactly that is. Could be smaller hands... or I don't know. But I knew that being only a few days from my due date (Bryony came on hers) I wanted to see if Scott still had the magic touch (or fingers) :/ Um, yeah bad joke! Anyways...He stripped me again, and we went shopping at the mall and did lots of walking and nothing happened. I didn't feel super great, but definitely not contracting a whole lot.
This is where the story really gets interesting. At 3:30A.M. On Friday the 10th I woke up to a pretty intense contraction. Went back to sleep and woke up again 20 min later to another one. And then I'd have one like 10 min apart and then 25 min. I tried to get back to sleep but had a hard time so at 6 A.M I woke up and just started eating breakfast. Hoping that by getting up they would get consistent. They got a little closer together but were still hard to time. I'd have one 6 min apart and then 15 and then 10 and then 25. But each contraction was very intense. In fact it seemed the closer they were together the less painful they were. When they were spread out, they were more intense. So, Pete called into work and said that he thought I was in labor. And started getting things around the house done. I went downstairs and walked on the treadmill for a mile and felt really uncomfortable but nothing seemed to really "kick" in labor.
Keep in mind, I had the last baby natural and thought I had a pretty good idea on what to look for. I kept saying to Pete that if they got consistent and about 5ish min apart, we'd go in. So, we waited. All day, I'd have these random contractions. But never really feeling like I was in labor. I took a nap in the afternoon around 2ish and the contractions actually spread to 30 min apart. So, I guess they never stopped but just never got consistent. Pete and I were both bummed. He had called into work and by 3:30 we realized he could have gone in and been home with plenty of time. Oh, well... Around 4 p.m. We left the house to go grab some grub and go to the park. About that time, my good friend Morgan, texted me and said her little sister was selling icees and needed business and asked if we'd go see her. We went over there and chatted with them for a bit and left their house around 5:15. And I kept having those dang contractions. But even while we were at their house, I'd get one and no one really knew cuz I was able to just keep talking and pretty much act normal through them. Which to me, is usually sign as to how serious to take this labor mumbo jumbo. ANYWAYS, Pete and I couldn't decide what to eat for dinner so we went to THREE drive thrus for everyone. I wanted a toasted sub sandwich on wheat from Papa Kelsey's. Pete wanted Taco Bell (YUCK!), And a couple of Happy Meals for the kids. I know, I know that's a lot of running around for food. We took our food and got to Community Park around 6:15 ish. After dinner, we were sitting at the picnic table waiting for Bryony to finish eating and Pete went to the car to grab the stroller for our walk when Kylie decided to climb on a monument and slipped and bashed her chin. She came running to me and as soon as I saw her chin I knew she'd need stitches. My little sister Trudi was due to meet us at any minute at the park, so I sent Pete and Shaelynn to take Kylie to Community Care, while Bryony and I waited at the park. Contractions still coming about the same 15 ish minutes apart. Once everyone was back at the park, my sis Trudi and I walked one lap (about 3/4 mile) while Pete and the kiddies played at the playground. During this walk, the contractions were coming about 10 min apart and seemed to surge a little in intensity. Got back to everyone, (sorry, I know this day is probably seeming like it will never end) let the kids play for a few more min and left.
On the way home I had a pretty strong contraction in the car and that's when I knew that the baby would probably come within the next few hours but still thinking it was a little ways off.
In fact, my sister, Trudi, was our "on call" girl. She was going to go home and wait for us to call her to come over, but we decided that with what was going on, that it would be better for her to just stay at our house over night. (She had stayed then night before and kinda wanted to go home) We got home about 8:30 that night, and got all the kids showered and in bed by about 9. Contractions were coming at 8 min apart then 10 then 7. So, still inconsistent, But definitely increasing in intensity. Trudi and I, started playing on the computer on Facebook and stuff and turned on Scream on Netflix (since Pete and I hadn't seen it in forever and Trud was like 5 when it came out) That's when the intensity got worse. I was not able to really talk through my contractions anymore and I found myself having to get off the bed and adjust positions. I also was having sudden urges to poo. (I told you it was ugly)A sign for me in the past that it was getting close. Contractions suddenly went to about 5 min apart and one at 3.
Pete and I left our house at 10:10ish. As I have said before, contractions in the car are HORRIBLE!!! I tilted the chair back and tried to relax. But when I'd have a contraction, I'd grab the, not sure what it's called, but we call it the "oh sh**" handle, and the console and sit up and scream. I was starting to feel shaky and that scared me. With Bryony, when I'd start to get a little shaky, it was about time to push. We arrived at the hospital a little before 10:30. As we were walking into the Women's Center, I had a contraction right there in front of the whole nurses station, and they put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me to Labor and Delivery. They took my name and my Dr's name and got me right into a room. Gave me a gown and I just started stripping in front of everyone. The nurse commented how they can tell when women are really in labor by the ones who have to go to the bathroom to change and the ones that just strip. They checked me and saw that I was an 8! An 8 for me is usually within minutes of pushing and I had another urge to poo so I knew it was pretty dang close. That's when they informed me that my Doc was out of town (The turd had been outa town the two previous weekends!) and that I'd have to use the on-call doc Dr. Huggins, who was on her way to the hospital to see someone else and happened to come on time. A friend that I've known since third grade, Traci, came walking in and was introduced as the neonatal nurse. (Don't worry, I guess it's something the hospital does now is have a neonatal nurse in every delivery if they can) Now, you may think that having someone you've known for years would be weird to have in the room when you deliver and your private parts are everywhere. But honestly, when you're in such intense labor about to split in two, you don't really care so much. :) Then next few minutes is hard for me to really remember vividly. Apparently, the doc broke my water about this time but I don't remember that at all. I started pushing and pooping. ...Nice... Traci, feel free to forget that part. :) Pete, says he rubbed my arm, but I hardly remember him even being there. I can distinctly remember feeling the intense pressure on my bones as I pushed. Screaming as loud as I possibly could. And then crowning.... DEATH!! With both of my natural births, when it comes to crowning, it's like I don't know that's what's going on. All I know is that I feel like I'm being pushed to the limit and my body is literally almost past what it can possibly handle. It's only when I look back at it that I can pin point and go, "yup, that was crowning". Then her head came out, and I just wanted it all to be over , and I pushed the rest of her body out.
They laid her on my chest, and I wish I could say that it's just like you see in the movies where despite what I'd just been through there is nothing but tears of joy and happiness. But it wasn't. Not for me anyways. I held her and looked at her, and made sure she looked healthy and all that. And I really was happy, but I was also in a bit of shock. Having just gone through what I'd gone through. I was literally still stinging everywhere. And I could feel all this hot fluid and who knows what else, that I was sitting in and I was really grossed out. The doc asked me if I wanted her to cut the cord and I told her yes. So, Pete cut the cord and they took the baby to get weighed. After a few minutes, I felt another contraction, and pushed out my placenta. One of the grossest feelings ever! She gave me the lidocaine (I think) shots and began to stitch me up. After a natural birth, the last thing I wanted was to get stabbed down there and it didn't work all the way on the one side so she had to stab me twice. But after getting stitched up and cleaned up. I began to feel more excited about having our baby here. My dad and Step mom and step sis, got there very surprised that they had missed it since they left Rigby as soon as they heard we were on our way to the hospital. And my brother Caleb and his wife Emily (Also her birthday:) showed up. And everyone was just surprised at how quick we had the baby. Total time from when we got to the hospital to when she was delivered was between 15-20 min!! Even if I had wanted an epidural, they said there was no way I would have had time for it. I was able to nurse Madeline, right after delivery and that has been I swear the key secret to the last two babies being such good nursers . I didn't even have to use the nursing consultant in the hospital with Maddy! I've been told it could be the natural deliveries, but I wouldn't suggest that to everyone just for that fact. In fact, I only go natural because I know that I go fast. If I didn't, I don't think I could. I love that natural means you can shower right after delivery. Which is AWESOME, and I love feeling normal. Being able to walk around and stuff. But natural is also EFFING CRAZY PPL!! I guess I'm just saying, that if you are thinking about going natural, do your research. Talk to women who have done it. And it doesn't have to be those probirthing women either. Trust me, I know those women can be intense and scary. I'll tell you that as long as you don't use Pitocin, I feel that most women, with their second and subsequent babies, (I would never recommend it for someone's first)can do it. But I'm also up there in the category of totally, insane and crazy!
So, that's the graphic, gruesome, gross, and brought to you by the letter G, story of how our little sweet Maddy girl came into our family.

Shortly after delivery.

The Nixon Girls!
With Grandpa Red!


Alli said...

I don't think I've ever cringed, laughed, gagged, and cringed some more reading one blog post!! You're truly my hero. And congratulations!! She is just darling. And I love her name. It's weird to think that the last time I saw a blog post of yours about a baby being born I was getting ready to have one of my own. I'm so excited for you guys!!

Erinn said...

wow! for a second i felt like i was experiencing it right along with you! i've only ever had c-sections so it was cool to read your post and see what it's like to go all natural. you go girl!! glad she is here and healthy!